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Our Advanced Technique for Hair Transplants in Toronto & York Region

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Our Expert Medical Team Brings You Hair for Life – Enjoy for Life
At Accuhair Systems, we understand you will find reliable information about the most current and proven therapies for hair loss restoration. The expert professional MBChB medical team at Hair for Life Canada, a division of Accuhair, offers eligible patients lasting, surgical solutions to regrow hair that they can enjoy for life. We have achieved remarkable results with our Hair for Life – Enjoy for Life Micro-Follicular Split hair transplants, results that have changed the lives of our clients. We encourage you to visit us, learn about today's new technology and discuss the best solutions for your hair loss restoration.

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High-Tech Hair Transplants
In men and women, young and old, hair loss comes from a variety of hereditary, medical and physical causes. Our team of specialists can help with the most advanced hair transplant techniques.

Hair transplantation technology has come a long way from the days of visible plugs and unattractive gaps. Now, high-tech, Micro-Split Follicular Units are artistically placed to create a natural, full hairline using your own hair. Our experienced surgeon and artistically talented medical team have performed thousands of aesthetically pleasing hair transformations. This procedure is welcomed and authorized by most medical groups and many medical clinics have also recommended our services.

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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
This innovative treatment began years ago in Europe, and has emerged in the U.S. and Canada as a leading protocol. It uses “cool” laser light energy to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and follicles. Featured on national newscasts, laser hair therapy is safe and typically employed for clients with early to moderate hair loss or in conjunction with surgical transplantation.


Trust Our Experience in Hair Restoration with the Hair for Life – Enjoy for Life Program
In men and women, young and old, hair loss arises from hereditary, medical and physical causes. Regardless of the cause, studies of both men and women show that people experience hair loss as a blow to their self-esteem. Men's Health recently reported on a series of studies done in the USA and Europe which indicate that thick hair is associated with youth and masculinity while balding is seen as a sign of aging and loss of vigour. The same article also reports the success of current hair transplant techniques, such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

During a follicular unit transplantation (FUT), surgeons harvest thin strips of scalp. These thin strips are microscopically cut into grafts, each comprised of individual hair follicles. The grafts are then carefully placed to create natural-looking regrowth.

Accuhair Offers NeoGraft Automated FUE & ARTAS Robotic FUE
In a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, surgeons use a small punch instrument to extract and artfully implant complete microscopic hair structures (including the shaft and root) from the back of the head to the site of hair loss. This can be done manually or with automation through the NeoGraft procedure or with ARTAS robot technology. These minimally-invasive FUE procedures create natural-looking regrowth while eliminating the linear scarring at the harvest site that occurs with FUT. At Accuhair, we offer both the NeoGraft Automated FUE and the ARTAS Robotic FUE procedures. This is modern hair restoration at its best, without scarring or downtime.

If you’ve been disappointed with previous hair replacement techniques or felt confused by conflicting claims, you need to work with someone with experience in diagnosing and helping hundreds of clients with conditions similar to yours. At Accuhair Systems, we have nearly 40 years of successful experience in hair restoration. Our expert medical surgeons specialize in both FUT and FUE, and, with our hair transplant design technicians, present individualized medical plans to stop the progression of your hair loss. You CAN regain your natural hair for life!

Limited Time Special Offer: Gift Certificate & Free Evaluation
Our Hair for Life Canada lab offers you a free, confidential evaluation consultation (worth up to $250 elsewhere) and we’ll give you an assessment of which therapy or solution procedure would be right for your situation and goals. Our lab also does an analysis of your annual rate of hair loss (ARHL) to help you make the right decision based on evidence.

We are also pleased to offer you a gift certificate worth $400 towards your Hair for Life – Enjoy for Life hair transplant.

This promotion is available to you until April 30, 2015.

Print your gift certificate from our Promotions page or call us for more information.

For your convenience, you can also send us your completed request form online with the $400 gift certificate and we will schedule an appointment date for a confidential consultation and hair loss evaluation. See what a difference we can make to your appearance and to your sense of well-being with our Micro-Follicular Laser Split hair transplant technique. You will have naturally growing hair that you will enjoy for life.

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