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Women’s Wigs, Hairpieces & Hair Extensions in Markham

You’re not alone – millions of women face thinning hair or complete hair loss, but there’s no reason you have to let hair loss slow you down. Schedule your free consultation with Eugene at Accuhair Systems, and you’ll soon be enjoying your beautiful new look.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Women lose hair for many reasons, including:

HeredityMedical conditionsRadiationStressChemotherapyAlopecia

Regardless of what brings you to us, Accuhair Systems offers a comprehensive range of hair solutions for women, including wigs and hair restoration, and expert consultant Eugene Guido will work side-by-side with you to find the ideal solution for your specific hair loss situation.

If a wig seems the most practical solution, Accuhair Systems has a wig or hairpiece to match your look and personality! We stock a wide selection of men and women’s wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions with mass-appeal. We can also craft a custom wig made to match your natural hair exactly. Our custom NEW HAIR ALIVE™ wigs/hairpieces are made with a Micro-Silo skin base and injected hair and look and feel like your own.

To help you choose the right wig for you, read about:

Our Top-Line Brands | How to Choose the Right Wig for Your Face Shape | The Importance of Wig Sizing | Measuring Your Own Wig Size

We also carry specially designed prosthetics for chemotherapy patients or individuals with alopecia. Visit us in Markham or North York to consult with master hair replacement technician Eugene Guido. He’ll ensure your exact needs are met!

Our Top-Line Brands

We’re also happy to bring our Toronto area clients beautiful ready-to-wear hairpieces and wigs from the following respected companies:

  • European Collections
  • Raquel Welch™ (human and synthetic hair)
  • Gemtress™
  • Jon Renau®
  • Revlon
  • On Rite®
  • La Gem
  • New Image
  • Envy™ Wigs
  • Simply Beautiful™

Raquel Welch™ RW Grand Collection for Women

This collection of ready-to-wear hair for women features fine wigs and hairpieces for natural-looking hair with remarkable style manageability. Every attention to detail has been paid, including hand-tied monofilament tops, sheer lace fronts and hand-knotted bases. What’s more, all pieces are made with Certified Authentic™ 100% Remy human hair from Italy that’s ammonia-free, bleach-free and toxic-free. All you get is superb craftsmanship with vibrant colour that’s fade-resistant.

Raquel Welch™ 100% Human Hair

Now available in 3 different silhouettes, our Sheer Indulgence™ Sheer Lines® cap includes 100% human hair on a monofilament top with our Sheer Lines® monofilament front and machine made Memory Cap® base. In addition to the features offered in the Sheer Indulgence™ top, our Sheer Lines® front includes fine human hair that is individually knotted on wide, ultra-sheer netting that goes from ear to ear along the polyurethane front rim of the cap. This netting results in a low-density, natural-looking hairline. You would swear the hair is growing right out of the scalp for amazing off-the-face styling versatility.

A Message From Raquel

Most of the time when you look in the's all about your hair! Right? When my hair looks good, everything is right with the world. I think you know the feeling, but it doesn't happen often besides the times I wear wigs for filming or red carpet appearances, I have been wearing wigs in my personal life too – what a difference! Let's face it when a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence.

The First Invisible Hairline

This takes our exclusive freeform stylable technology to a whole new level. You get the most natural hairline ever. Period. Our 1 ½" virtually invisible sheer lace front gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility and flexibility to part on left, right, center. Hand blended TRU2LIFE® colors provide the look and highlights of natural hair. You have to see it to believe it.

How To Choose the Right Wig for Your Face Shape

With a wide range of styles and lengths to choose from, we can help you narrow down the best option to perfectly frame your face.

Oval: Longer than it is wide, with a jaw narrower than the cheekbones, an oval-shaped face is neutral and proportional, making it an ideal shape for any style, length or texture.

Round: Round faces are full underneath the cheekbones with a wide hairline. A geometric or linear style would help give the appearance of a more slender shape.

Diamond: A diamond-shaped face features wide cheekbones, but narrow forehead and chin. Avoid height on top or volume at the sides—opt for fringe or a bob.

Heart: Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and narrower chins. Aim for more coverage on the forehead and volume at the chin.

Pear: A pear-shaped face is one with fuller cheeks. Add width above the jawline and style hair close to the sides of the face and neck.

Oblong: With a long and narrow bone structure, oblong faces have stronger lines. Add softness with fringe or a wavy/curly style.

The Importance of Proper Wig Sizing

When you are ready to buy a wig or prosthesis from a hair clinic, wig place, hair stylist or a professional hair replacement studio, make sure that the retail consultant or hair technician takes head measurements to ensure the proper fit of your wig. By doing this we’ll be able to determine the size of your head and if a custom size needs to be made to ensure a comfortable fit – nothing is worse than wearing a wig that doesn’t fit right.

Measure Your Own Wig Size

Measure your head size with a cloth tape measure going around the head behind the ears, from the nape of the neck to the hairline. Most wigs are made in the average size, but other sizes are available including:

  • Ultra petite – Fits heads approximately 18.5” to 20”
  • Petite – Fits heads approximately 21”
  • Petite/average – Fits heads approximately 21.5”
  • Average – Fits heads approximately 22”
  • Average/large – Fits heads approximately 22.5”
  • Large – Fits heads approximately 23” or 24”

Full Wig Measurements

  1. Circumference (Inches)
  2. Front to Back (Inches)
  3. Ear to Ear over Forehead (Inches)
  4. Temple to Temple (Inches)
  5. Ear to Ear Over Top of Head (Inches)
  6. Temple to Temple Over Back of Head (Inches)
  7. Width of Neck From Side to Side (Inches)
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